Our web programming that power the Internet

We believe it is a good at-a-glance indicator of whether our team is comfortable programmer or not


Our team alwayys use PHP, that is the undisputed king of server-side languages in use on the Internet today – running on 75% of all the major and best web servers


Another one is Javascript - daddy of interactive webpages as well as allowing webpages to respond to user interactions such as clicking on elements and timing events

Perl & Ruby

We use Perl to be a major force in web programming. Ruby and its web application framework Ruby On Rails, will power your pretty major website perfectly


Not a programming language as such, but it is a new language to talk to databases. So it’s a key component of modern website that we create for your next project

Indicating The Need

  • Code will process before reaching the browser
  • Easily managed database
  • Quick Javascript-framework
  • Fast at processing text
  • Less code repetition and speed

Meet Our Development Team


We are proud to be a team of professional developers and can offer all web services

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Designerscodes Web Programming Development

Web programming refers to the writing, markup and coding involved in Web development, which includes Web content, Web client and server scripting and network security. The most common languages we used for Web programming are XML, HTML, JavaScript, Perl 5 and PHP. To improve user experience and related functionalities on the client side, JavaScript is usually used. It is an excellent client-side platform for designing and implementing Web applications. HTML5 and CSS3 supports most of the client-side functionality provided by other application frameworks. There are many certain tools/platforms that we use for aiding in both client and server-side programming. We want to create a modern, interactive website, so we make a combination of PHP, MySQL, and possibly JQuery/Javascript for interactivity.