We build future of modern website design

We prepares websites for the future of modern website design by making them beautiful across multiple devices

Top Features

  • Best mobile usage functionality of any site
  • Perfect & clean design
  • Every line is readable
  • Extra point for SEO
  • Any browser compatible

Other Features

  • 960 grid designs for desktop and mobile
  • Widescreen 1280px grid
  • No more zoom to read
  • Quality checks of all browsers
  • and so much more...

Designerscodes Responsive Website Design & Development

At Designerscodes, our 2015 standards for responsive design include options for a standard 960 grid, requiring designs for desktop and mobile, as well as a widescreen 1200px or 1280px grid requiring designs for widescreen, tablet or 960, and mobile. All interim stages are either snapped via breakpoints, to the next breakpoint size, or fluidly scaling - the complexity of the design and scope of the project will dictate that decision. Our talented development team includes full stack developers as well as frontend specialists, all of whom are trained in responsive practices and are evaluated on a quarterly basis. We perform quality checks of all the major browsers and aforementioned breakpoint widths both manually and using a proprietary screenshotting service built off of PhantomJs.